My Truest Prayer

After experiencing one of the most traumatic times in my life I got alone with God. In March of 2016, after days of worship and preparation to teach a bible study my heart softened and my mind opened to the Spirit’s truest prayer for this season. I share this prayer as a reminder to me to repeat it… often. Also, to help someone who may be dealing with the pains of rejection, comparison, and judgement like I was and sometimes still do.

There is a sweet fragrance that accompanies your presence, it comes with believing in you. When we get rid of everything else in the room then we find you and we can enjoy you even more so.

Yet, there are times when we can’t stop the thoughts, the regrets, the wishes, the temptations, the fear, the sin, and we lose you. God help me to be lured by your fragrance, help me to find you in a room full of doubt and take in every last drop. Help me to keep all of my senses on you. Father I cannot do this. But you can and I need it! Please father draw me into you, closer into you. The world truly has nothing for me. But you Oh God have everything for the world.

Use me, Father, so nothing else can. Fill my thoughts and my heart. Show me you, soften the soil of my heart, submerge me in your ocean. Strengthen my mind to know you are for me. Put your power within me. Let me operate on your energy. Father with you there is peace, there is shelter, there is satisfaction! Let my pride wash away and accept that as fact! You are better than anything I can imagine. Help me to let go of my ideas that are not of you. Unleash my mind to see past the limitations I have put on myself, the limitations I have allowed others to put me under. Don’t I know that that is putting those people in an inappropriate position, like idols? My future, my present, and my past are not what they say they are and it was never what they said. I declare that all of it was and is yours! No eyes have seen and no ears have heard what you have for those you love. Let me love YOU! Only you can satisfy, help me father to trust you with my finances, my mind, my heart, my family, my dreams, my fears. Let them see YOU. If I am covered in you, then that is all anyone will see! Encourage me oh God, bring me up. I am calling on you. Forgive me for not always running to you first! For trusting in my own ability.

And Father help me to manage The Glory. Help me to know it is YOU. You will allow what needs to be allowed for your Glory, and if it is not to your Glory, it will not happen. Stop it so I won’t be attached to another thing or idea or position; all things are temporary. YOU are constant, your call on me is irrevocable but help me never to doubt that, never to risk it, help me not to jeopardize your Glory or your vision for my life.

And right now I cast down every thought of harm or ill-will on anyone else, vengeance Is not mine, and I am not the judge or the jury. My life will not be lived compared to others. I do not know your plans for me and I do not know your plans for others. I do know that all things work together for the good of those that love you. Let me love you for who You are not for the reward. Help me to function, and when I fail Father I pray now for the correction to be quick, and your grace and mercy to abound.

Grant me strength, stamina, and endurance. Give me the energy to pray at all times. To pray and seek your face and build my committed faith minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day! Let me love you for as long as I live!

Guide my heart and mind to be a servant. It is what you have called me for. To love the broken, the damaged, the unlovable. To see the good and to be a helper. I have allowed the enemy and the world’s ideas to teach me and train me away from that. Father forgive me for becoming so self-absorbed in myself that at times I have stopped loving others and withheld my compassion.

Guide me always, and keep me in the shelter of your wings.


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