Find Your Flag

So as I was on my way home from class this afternoon I was thinking about how privileged we Americans are. We can feel strongly about a social issue and speak up and actively seek a solution (peacefully). I disagree with a few things; people disagree with me. I don’t have to fear being tossed in jail for it.

Oddly enough about another mile down the road I passed this flag crumbled up on HWY 80 between Riverhall and Ritchey’s Produce. I kept driving.
It hurt something inside of me to see this left behind. I’m sure it fell off or broke off unintentionally. People bleed for this flag. They live and die for it. They run to it for a better life. I ended up turning around and picking it up.
That’s how things are now. We’ve probably ended up in the current national circumstance by no deliberate intention of our own, or even by apathy. But folks, we are extremely close to throwing it away. Right now, are you waiting for someone else to stop the car and turn around and pick up some patriotism or pride or responsibility or can you be one of the people who turn around?
It can be exhausting to be actively involved in the political process. It can be stressful. It’s not fun at times. There will be conflict. But we have got to use our rights to speak up and have an educated dialogue that results in effective ACTION to steer this ship or we WILL lose it. It will be thrown away and the principles of this nation will be forgotten. And if your candidate doesn’t win the election – keep moving forward! Sitting around complaining another 4 or 8 years won’t change a damn thing either.


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